There are such countless qualified lone rangers in the Pakistani media outlet. These entertainers have a gigantic fan following and have done miracles in dramatizations just as movies. Notwithstanding, a large number of them have decided to remain single despite the fact that they have arrived at an age where a great many people get hitched and even have children. Marriage is an individual decision in this manner it is in reality acceptable that these Pakistani entertainers have chosen to sit tight for the ideal opportunity and the right accomplice to seal the deal.

Hiba Bukhari

Hiba Bukhari is quite possibly the most mainstream and pursued Pakistani entertainers at this moment. There was gossip that Hiba was hitched when she entered the business. Nonetheless, in a meeting, she explained that she was not hitched. She additionally partook in another meeting that she has been getting proposition for marriage since the time she planned to school! While discussing her ideal soul mate, Hiba shared that she needs to wed a practical reasonable man who realizes how to keep his connections solid with everybody around him. Hiba’s meaning of an ideal man is truly adult just as essential.

Humaima Malick

Humaima Malick has worked in Pakistan and furthermore across the line. She got hitched at a youthful age to the entertainer and chief Shamoon Abbasi. Nonetheless, this marriage didn’t work out. In a new meeting, Humaima Malick was asked by Ahsan Khan, the host, what her ideal man would resemble. Her sister truly commented that Humaima’s measures’ for the ideal life accomplice continued to change. Notwithstanding, while genuinely discussing the characteristics of an ideal life accomplice Humaima Malick shared that she required somebody like her late dad in her life, who consistently develop her mom and upheld her all around. Humaima needs to wed somebody who will cause her to fill in each significant part of her being.

Yumna Zaidi

Yumna Zaidi has consistently intrigued her fans with her decisions and exhibitions. She is in every case very genuine in the entirety of her meetings. At the point when she was asked by Samina Peerzada what her interpretation of affection and marriage was, her reaction was not quite the same as what you would anticipate from an entertainer. She shared that her folks truly needed her to get hitched however she was struggling tracking down the right man. Yumna Zaidi needs to wed somebody who is controlling in light of the fact that as per her, she would not like to be the overwhelming accomplice in the relationship. She accepts that the man ought to have a solid character so he can assume the part of the top of the family.

Kinza Hashmi

Kinza Hashmi is probably the most youthful pakistani entertainers. She has figured out how to accomplish an extraordinary arrangement by buckling down. She is likewise known for her obligation to her work. Since she is youthful and pretty, all the time she gets recommendations for marriage. Be that as it may, she has denied a portion of these proposition rigorously due to her age. Kinza Hashmi needs that her life accomplice ought to be at least 6 years more established than her. She shared this while giving a meeting to Shaista Lodhi. She said that young men who are even 4 years more seasoned than her vibe as though they resemble her siblings! She is almost certain that she can’t get hitched to somebody who is even 5 years more seasoned than her.

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is very much perceived as perhaps the greatest whiz of the business. She is appealing and jazzy. Mehwish has frequently discussed relationships, responsibility, and love in shows since everybody needs to know when she is getting hitched. In one of the shows, she expressed that she had no expectation to be a strikingly gorgeous spouse. She will get hitched to somebody who esteems her and gives her the space to be what she needs to be. In another meeting, she shared that being benevolent and compassionate is the best quality in a man. She doesn’t really accept that that visible presentations can be a deciding component while picking a soul mate. Her ideal life accomplice will be refined with an excellent of humor. She likewise needs her soul mate to be heartfelt on the grounds that she isn’t exceptionally heartfelt herself so her life partner should adjust that!

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is perhaps the most flexible entertainers of the business who consistently expresses her genuine thoughts. Saba has not chosen to wed at this time despite the fact that she has over and again discussed how regularly she has become hopelessly enamored, she hasn’t yet discovered the individual she needs to use whatever is left of her existence with. While conversing with Momin Ali Munshi on his syndicated program, Saba Qamar shared that her ideal life accomplice would be one who doesn’t get into contentions unnecessarily. She said that develop individuals ought to have the option to work things out yet these days, individuals love to contend and quarrel over everything.

Komal Rizvi

Komal Rizvi as of late opened up about her harsh experience of being hitched to a harmful accomplice. Back in 2016 when she was welcomed as a visitor on Nadia Khan’s morning show she partook exhaustively the sort of characteristics she needed in her soul mate. Komal shared, “It is truly abnormal that my rundown is exceptionally fundamental and basic yet the Pakistani men these days don’t come up to those norms. The man I need to wed ought to be sharif, he should regard me, he should adore me and not look or contemplate different ladies. He should regard my family and he ought to be a decent dad.”