Minal Khan legend entertainer and Model of Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Minal Khan is a sister of Aiman Khan Legend entertainer and Model of Pakistan. Presently Days Aiman Khan is on turkey trip with her significant other and her little girl Amal stay with her Grandma and Insect Minal Khan.

Minal Khan and Aiman Khan are twin and most stylish entertainer and Model of Pakistan. As of late Minal Khan done her dramatization Jalan which working with Emmad Irfani. She was assumed a negative part in Jalan. So the Fanatic of Minal Beginning critised to Minal on her job was played in this Dramatization.

Minal Khan was exceptionally Friendly and she love to voyaging. She is as yet single yet a few group says that she is in connection with Manzoor Khan who is companion of Minal Khan. since Minal Khan for the most part post Picture on Instagram with her companion Manzoor Khan she was going in each capacity with Manzoor Khan.

Minal Khan Nephew Amal is co adorable and sound. Aiman khan and Minal Khan Mother are additionally looking a youthful and Straightforward ladies. All the group of Aiman and Minal are very plunge and Decent Her dad is likewise similar to a young fellow. They have 2 More youthful siblings. Minal Khan might be got drawn in with Manzoor Khan.

For the most part Aiman and Minal Post on Instagram a ton image of Each Occasion, Get-together, Capacity. Today we are showing some uncommon and most recent snaps of Minal khan with her family and Nephew Amal Khan