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His first tune “Badnamiyan” with Sahir Ali Baga has been delivered on Eid. It has been seen right around 1 million times on YouTube in only three days. Notwithstanding, while individuals are adulating the tune, individuals are additionally reprimanding Alizee Shah’s dress in the melody. I was doing. Individuals didn’t care for Aliza Shah’s short dress in the tune by any means. And keeping in mind that he condemned Aliza’s short dress, the images on her likewise turned into a web sensation via web-based media.

Notwithstanding, presently Alize Shah has reacted to his faultfinders. “I have seen every one of the images and reactions,” he said on Instagram, communicating shock at the individuals who condemned him.

While Saba Qamar as of late talked on emotional wellness in the fourth video delivered on YouTube, presently in the fifth video delivered, she discusses the generalizations in the general public and brings issues to light about killing them. ۔

The video named ‘Break the Generalization’, which is around 18 minutes in length, discusses 4 unique points, however the main thing is about the issue of marriage.

Previous entertainer Ayesha Khan, who left the showbiz business after her marriage, has shared some excellent new photographs with her girl Mahnoor.

Ayesha Khan, who isn’t exceptionally dynamic via online media, posted pictures with her little girl on her Instagram today on the event of Worldwide Mother’s Day, in which it very well may be seen that the mother and little girl are wearing a similar garments. ۔

Entertainer Ayesha Omar composed while referencing this client that what’s up with it? Actually like Mahira Khan looks lovely outwardly, her internal identity is likewise beguiling. Each living thing needs to go through a characteristic cycle to develop old. Can individuals quit being humiliated about their age, weight, shading and garments? The entertainer at last embraced a delicate tone and said to the female client, “I’m grieved, I would prefer not to say this simply highlighting you.” Yet seeing all such remarks didn’t leave me.

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