Some Pakistan Showbiz Stars who are grandparents now however they actually looks youthful and fit and obviously better than new entertainers.

Pakistan’s senior entertainer Saba Faisal has shared a selfie via online media, giving fans a tip about hair care.

Entertainer Saba Faisal, who assumes the part of mother a lot in-law in the dramatization business, is getting a ton of consideration via web-based media right now. How would you fare thee well

Conversations of Saba Faisal’s ‘Hair Care’ via web-based media.

As indicated by Shahida Small scale, an episode that occurred very nearly two years prior constrained her to turn into a vocalist once more.

Shahida Small scale likewise presented fabulousness alongside exhibitions on melodies

“At the point when I began performing on tunes, I used to perform on the tunes of different artists. After my exhibitions, it turned into a class and numerous different entertainers likewise came in this field and became known by the names of the entertainers who performed on it rather than the artists. Then, at that point a notable vocalist took steps to sue in the event that anybody played out the tune she sang.

KARACHI: Pakistan’s evergreen entertainer Mahnoor Baloch is circling a few pictures via web-based media in which she looks more lovely and youthful than any time in recent memory.

48-year-old entertainer Mahnoor Baloch is one of those entertainers in the Pakistan showbiz industry who has no impact on the past and she looks more delightful and youthful as opposed to moving towards advanced age.

Mainstream Pakistani entertainer Saba Hameed has said that the show has not been obliterated yet has changed.

In a meeting to Urdu News, Saba Hameed said that she protested the utilization of words which say that ‘the present dramatization is demolished’.

Saba Hameed said that the show was not annihilated, just change has occurred. When an enormous number of individuals are watching the shows, then, at that point what sort of obliteration?