Aima Baig Some Rare Clicks at her Sister Komal wedding

Komal Baig the sister of Famous Pakistani Pop Star Singer Aima Baig Finally She Got married at the age of 31 and start her New marriage life. Komal Aziz not working in Showbiz Industry But She has Natural Beauty more than an actress her Husband also look cute and Handsome both are looking a Perfect Couples.

Aima Baig performs all the traditions Norms at her sister’s Wedding She also Practically Participates in Dood Palai Rasam to her Sister Husband at Barat Day. Aima also Engaged with her Best Friend and She will be got married at the end of this Year here are some Rare clicks of Aima Baif Sister Wdding.

Aima Baig arose as a very enormous vocalist. she is very much perceived based on her singing abilities all throughout the planet. Aima Baig has as of late got drawn in to show and entertainer Shahbaz Shigri in a cozy occasion in Islamabad Pakistan.

sister of Pakistani vocalist model and host Aima Baig in the year 2021, then, at that point she has turned 31 years of age. In any case, her senior sister isn’t from Showbiz. There is no question that the two sisters love each other without a doubt. Furthermore, sources have uncovered that Aima Baig is likewise set to wed entertainer Shahbaz Shigri soon.

Mother of Aima is additionally a malignant growth patient and she took an interest in this mission to help different patients who can’t manage the cost of treatment of this illness. This mission became popular by the name ‘Summer Wine’ and it incited the entire media outlet.

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