Rabiya Kulsoom Got a 1st Boy baby New clicks with Husband

Rabya also has a development channel on YouTube where she performs dazzling hits the dance floor with her dance assistant Srha Asghar. She also appears in different Pakistani web series on YouTube. Rabya is hitched to singer and lyricist Rehan Nazım.

Rabya Kulsoom in the year 2021, then she has turned 32 years old. Additionally, she just started her married life by wedding Rehan several days earlier. Two or three months after the marriage, she transformed into the mother of her first youngster Mohib Rehan.

Rabya Kulsoom is another emerging Pakistani television and film performer and young lady of veteran performer Parveen Akbar. She has displayed in the work of Maria in Shehar-e-Malal.

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