Alyzeh Gabol Reveal her husband the Nephew of Malik Raiz

Alyzeh Gabol the most costly and popular Model of the Pakistan Showbiz Industry a couple of months prior She got hitched however didn’t uncover the character of her Significant other and Today we tracked down some evidence Pictures in which we see that Alyzeh Gabol Gor wedded with Malik Raiz the extremely rich person of Pakistan Nephew lets check a few Photos of this wedding.

Alyzeh Gabol has worked in chronicles of various tunes, for instance, ‘Kyun Gayee’ of Farhan Saeed, ‘Neray Aah’ by Over-weight and ‘Ishq Be Parwah’ by Bilal Saeed. She made her acting show with TV consecutive ‘Humnasheen’ of Mumble TV in 2013 in which she accepted a supporting part. She has moreover given guest appearance in parody successive ‘Kabhi’ of Mumble TV.

Alyzeh Gabol is a notable Pakistani performer, model, and host. Sources said that Alyzeh has hitched for the second an optimal chance to Zoraiz Malik, nephew of Malik Riaz. She is generally well known as far as it matters for her in the show consecutive Haniya. She got hitched to Osama strangely at an incredibly energetic age. Regardless, appallingly, the two got isolated. Also, remembering that Alyzeh has a young lady Miraal from her first life partner.

Alyzeh Gabol is a notable model turned performer. Alyzeh is extensively known for her individual in the sensation consecutive Haniya. Alyzeh Gabol got hitched at a very young age to an individual named Osama, anyway grievously, the couple couldn’t get along and they isolated their strategies.

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