Iqra Aziz Enjoy Fish of Jamshoro with her Naughty Husband

Iqra Aziz the most expensive and high Trending actress who recently reject the whitening Cream ads Company for Commercial and She explain the reason why She rejects this ad because Iqra thinks that dark color in not Bad it’s god gifted we can’t change to it and this Statement increase popularity of Iqra.

Iqra Aziz is the most trending Model and actress her most recent Drama Khuda Aur Mohabbat season 3 is on air and also on trending. Iqra also maintains her Official YouTube channel and properly upload video Recently She visited to Jamshoro for easting the famous fish of this City with her husband Yasir Hussain and share a vlog with fans.

Iqra Aziz attempts to be exceptionally dynamic on her web-based media Instagram so she can attempt to address the inquiries posed by her fans right away. Also, that is the reason the quantity of fans has arrived at millions. Furthermore, One of the exceptional things about this entertainer is that in her extra time, she additionally transfers her day by day recordings on her YouTube channel with her fans.

Iqra Aziz consistently makes a point to keep her depiction as reasonable as conceivable with regards to styling and by and large outfit of the characters. Notwithstanding, it will not be right to say that she has glanced dazzling in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 and has given Mahi the sort of appearance that suits her person and her dynamic impeccably.

Iqra Aziz has worked in numerous effective and popular TV serials of various channels including ‘Suno Chanda season 1 and season 2’, ‘Deewana’, ‘Laaj’, ‘Choti Si Zindagi’ and ‘Naatak’ of Hum TV, ‘Socha Na Tha’ of ARY Zindagi and some more. She has assumed flexible parts on little screen like heartfelt, genuine, comic, blameless and silly ones.

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