Kubra Khan and Gohar Rasheed both are good friends but officially They are not in a relationship. Mostly they both are very frank with each other as we can in their recent pictures Kubra and Gohar click some closer pictures on Kubra Khan Birthday party. Gohar Rasheed also still single and Kubra As well.

Both are looking perfect Couple they both are be got married soon. Gohar Rasheed is the best supporting role actor in different Dramas people also create memes on Gohar Rahseeh every Herion got marry to Gohar as a Punish but over He is on of the wonderful actor. Here are some Kubra and Gohar closer pictures together looking adorable look.

Kubra Khan joined showbiz world in 2010 as a model. Kubra has worked in numerous television ads as a model. She has strolled innumerable inclines of well known design shows. Kubra has worked with numerous mainstream style architects of Pakistan.

Kubra Khan is a Pakistani entertainer and model brought into the world in the year 1993, in London, Joined Realm. A respectful and dynamic understudy back in her school days and did her moved on from London. She is referred to for her astounding acting ability as she can win the hearts of many.

Kubra herself used to reach out. Yet, then, at that point somebody disclosed to them that these are not enormous star stunts. Adjust your perspective. The large star these days is the one with a director and he will make you a star. Presently, who can clarify that something can be chosen in a short time It requires two days to two months to do this.