Nadia Khan Birthday Party Vlog with husband and Family Clicks

Nadia Khan the host and actress of Showbiz Industry who recently did a Drama Dolly Darling with Ijaz Aslam this the funniest project of Nadia Khan last year and before this She did a Drama Kamzarf and playing the very strict role of the elder sister of Junaid Khan and Ali Ansari Nadia Khan daughter also look like same her Mother and ready to join the Showbiz Industry.

Nadia Khan Officially host of PTV Morning Show and She also did her 3rd marriage with a Retired Army Commander and this Commander also has 3rd marriage with Nadia Khan but both are living a happy life together and She also Adopt a new baby. Recently Nadia Khan Celebrate her Birthday with her Romantic Husband and Young Daughter and Share Pictures with Fans.

Nadia Khan is globally celebrated as a host for her show ‘Nadia Khan Show’ of Geo television. She won ‘Best television Moderator’ grant multiple times by Masala Way of life Grants for this show out of five different competitors from Sony television, Star In addition, Zee television and ARY Computerized.

Nadia Khan began her third marriage only a couple days prior by wedding resigned pilot Faisal Mumtaz Rao. Furthermore, on her third marriage, Nadia confronted a great deal of analysis via online media. Individuals used to say that even subsequent to having two youngsters, for what reason does a lady have to get hitched? Yet, Nadia tuned in to individuals just with one ear and quickly removed them from the other.

Nadia Khan was named the “Oprah Winfrey” of Pakistan by Jang Gathering of Papers In 2007. But this, Khan won the Masala Way of life Grants for Best television Moderator 2008 and Masala Way of life Grants for Best television Moderator 2009, out of five competitors, from Sony television, Zee television, Star In addition to and ARY Advanced.

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