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Nadia Khan and Nida Yasir at Javeria Saud House Party PIctures

Nadia Khan Paksitani Famous Host and also actress is at Javeria Saud Home the place of the Party with Nida Yasir both famous hosts are together at a party with Family. Javeria Saud is a professional Naat Reciter and also well known Pakistani actress and Producer She did many hit dramas for the Industry Javeria Has a luxury house which has all the facilities life cinema, party place, and everything.

Nadia Khan also maintains her own youTube Channel like Javeria Saud Mostly Javeria Saud shares her personal life activity and Story with Fans and earns a huge amount from YouTube. Nida Yasir not making videos for YouTube because She doesn’t have enough time to maintain it. check some party pictures of Nadia Khan and Nida Yasir at Javeria Saud House.

Nida Yasir began her profession venture as a maker and model. She has additionally acted in numerous satire shows, for example, the exceptionally renowned part of Saima in Murmur Tum sequential toward Rana Rizwan, and creation by Yasir Nawaz and Nida Yasir’s creation house or Fareed Nawaz Creations.

Nadia Khan is globally celebrated as a host for her show ‘Nadia Khan Show’ of Geo television. She won ‘Best television Moderator’ grant multiple times by Masala Way of life Grants for this show out of five different applicants from Sony television, Star Furthermore, Zee television and ARY Advanced.

Javeria Saud has made a video blog for her youtube divert in which she has shown her eid Shopping of two days, she initially went with her mom and girl Jannat, they went to Tomb Shopping center Karachi.

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