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Nida Yasir Interviewed President Dr. Arif Alvi with Family

Nida Yasir nowadays records the unique personality Interviews at her Show with the collaboration of ARY and Now She goes to the Home of the President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi to record the interview of the president with Family. Arif Alvi is a well-educated Person who elects as the president of the Country She spends time at the president’s house with his lovely wife.

Nida Yasir wore a simple dress and ask some relatively Questions. Shan e Zahoor is the Show name of Nida Yasir currently live on ARY Digital with almost every senior Celebrity She invited to her Show and also gives gifts to come at Show. 47 years old Nida Yasir break the host recording to get the highest ranking on Social Media. see some photos of Nida Yasir at Dr. Arif Alvi’s house with family.

Nida Yasir is at present facilitating a unique Ramadan show Shan-e-suhoor on ARY Advanced at 11 pm. In which she welcomes famous people from everywhere the country as visitors and afterward converses with them about their vocations and life. What’s more, obviously, Nida Yasir’s dressing and make-up in 12 days of Ramadan have raised an ocean of commendation via online media.

Arif Alvi got hitched to Samina Alvi and together they have four kids. Leader of Pakistan Arif Alvi alongside the primary woman of Pakistan Samina Alvi showed up on Nida Yasir’s Ramadan exceptional show Shan-e-Sahoor.

She began her vocation as a maker with her dad, as early she joined the business when her dad was an exceptionally unmistakable maker of Pakistani Industry. From that point onward, she began functions as a model as well. Furthermore, she began her show debut with dramatization sequential Kaisi Hain Dooriyan (2006) and after assumed a part Saima in dramatization sequential Murmur Tum.

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