Urwa Hocane at Imran Ashraf Son Birthday with outclass Outfit pictures

Urwa Hocane falls into the category of successful actress in Pakistani Dramas Center. She has a different mind from others Urwa just does her own mind. Her latest shoot criticized by fans but she doesn’t care what other people think about me and She also has some conflicts with her Husband Farhan it may resolve.

Urwa Hocane reached the age of 29 according to google and looks very younger than her age due to proper diet and Fitness. Mawra Hocane is the superstar sister of Urwa Hocane recently she performs her magically acting in Mushk with Imran Ashraf. So she also invited to the birthday party of Imran Ashraf’s son She wore the stunning and outclass outfit and Share pictures with the Community through Instagram.

Urwa Hocane is hitched with heart breaker entertainer and artist Farhan Saeed. They got hitched in December of 2016. Farhan and Urwa have done numerous photograph shoots all together and they likewise stroll on a slope as a team for various architects.

Urwa Hocane is a skilled entertainer and a major name of the Pakistan media industry. Urwa Hocane has snared the crowds with her solid exhibitions in shows like Udaari, Mushk, and a lot of others. Her character as Durdana in Punjab Nahi Jaongi will stay exceptional. Urwa Hocane isn’t only an entertainer yet additionally a business person and runs her own garments line in a joint effort with her sister Mawra Hocane by the name of “UxM”.

Urwa Hocane went to the Birthday celebration without her better half. Individuals were astounded to see that there were a few issues among her and her significant other Farhan Saeed. However, both are quiet. Urwa and Farhan have been hitched for right around four years. Also, they are as yet denied of the gift of youngsters.

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