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Rahim Pardesi Celebrate his Birthday with Both Wives Family Pictures

Rahima Pardesi is the Pakistan Comedian and YouTuber He belongs to the Pure Punjabi Family and the interesting thing is that He has 2 wives and the more interesting thing is that both wives live in 1 house. Rahim is a genius person who manages both wives at 1 house. Nasreen is the Famous Character of Rahim.

Rahim is also a singer Itna Habibi is a Famous song sung and directs by Rahim Pardesi and He also involves in the most hit Song Baari one and two with Bilal Saeed. Rahim Pardesi celebrates his birthday with his wives and children and he also invited Arisha Razi and Bilal Saeed to see some adorable clicks of Rahima Pardesi Birthday.

Rahim spent early long stretches of his life in Pakistan from where he noticed the Western culture. Principle subject of his vidoes is the Western particularly Punjabi culture and Punjabi ladies. He is a family joke artist who addresses the Asian people group by assuming various parts.

Rahim Pardesi is a mainstream YouTuber who got distinction from his popular character Nasreen. Rahim began his vocation by depicting the parody character of Nasreen in his YouTube recordings and got over night popularity.

Rahim Pardesi in the year 2021, at that point he is 31 years of age and he lives in Lahore. In any case, you are exceptionally astonished to hear that Rahim Pardesi got hitched twice in his daily routine and he experiences along with his two spouses. What’s more, luckily, his two spouses are content and live in a similar house.

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