Fatima Effendi grows in the showbiz industry in a very short period of time She was working on mega-hit projects Munafiq is the main drama which she got fame and becomes more popular. Fatima Husband Kanwar Arsalan also an actor but not famous like his wife Fatima Shares some new Wonderful clicks and she looks more young and pretty.

Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan got hitched in 2012. Though 10 years prior nobody knew them both in showbiz. In any case, the two chose together after a marriage that they need to buckle down day and night to become famous and bring in cash. Furthermore, they did their arrangement consummately and succeeded today.

Fatima Effendi was naturally introduced to an imaginative family. Her mom Fouzia Mushtaq is a flexible craftsman and a senior entertainer in the Showbiz Business. She got hitched to a popular entertainer in the Pakistani business Kanwar Arsalan. Fatima Effendi is honored with two children named Amir and Mahabir.

Fatima began her acting profession as a kid craftsman in 2001. She showed up on television without precedent for television sequential ‘Chal Jhooti’ of PTV as a child. Around the same time, she acted in another television sequential ‘Daam-e-Rasai’ of PTV. After that Fatima left the showbiz world to zero in on her examinations.