Nida and Yasir Nawaz became life partners in 2002 in 2021 They just completed the 19 years of their marriage and celebrate their wedding anniversary like a 1st wedding anniversary. They both looking great and lovely in wedding anniversary. Nida Yasir almost reached the age of 48 and still trending due to her morning show.

Nida Yasir worked as an Actor in the beginning days of her life Alaap is the hit drama in Nida which was officially on air on PTV in this serial she looks like her daughter Silah Yasir at and very young age. Khat Putli also another hit serial of Nida Yasir.

Yasir Nawaz also he big name in the Pakistan fashion Industry he plays a vital role in growing the Films and Dramas Industry of Pakistan He directs films as well as dramas Wrong No.1 and 2 is the hit movie of Yasir Nawaz and also another movie Mehrunisa working with Danish Taimoor.

Yasir and Nida both are hard-working artists of Pakistan They earn name and fame due to hardworking. They both reached at age of 50 and 48 respectively. In the future, they launch their own clothing brand. Forest in the restaurant of Nida opens in Pakistan.