Sarwat Gilani has worked with numerous Television slots. Sarwat Gilani consistently assumes testing parts effectively and with enchant. She has additionally assumed the part of a Hindu young lady in the television sequential ‘Seeta Bagri’. Despite the fact that Sarwat Gilani has dazzling looks the mystery of her prosperity is difficult to work and acting ability.

Sarwat and Fahad both have a place with showbiz and acquired enormous acclaim and notoriety for their incredible exhibition on the TV screens. Fahad Mirza is a corrective specialist by calling yet his acting abilities are stunning.

Sarwat is an Internationally recognized actress and Model of Pakistan She is a wonderful activity in every drama and Movie Jawani Phr Nahi part1 and 2 she was working and perform in a very very efficient way. She has shared Some Pictures with her Husband and Family.

Sarwat Gilani and Sharmila Farooqi wore a similar dress planned by creator Rizwan Beyg at the wedding occasion, it got hard to choose who looked the best. However, both the entertainers looked adorable. Allow us to advise you here that Sharmila Farooqi has acted in the play Panchwan Mausam.