Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain Romantic Way Clicks

Iqra Aziz the most loving and trendy actress of the Pakistan Dramas Industry She is the wife of Legend Host Yasir Hussain They both are the different minds of Stars. Yasir Hussain And Iqra Aziz Got marry last year and happily enjoy their Married Life.

The Age of Iqra Aziz is 23 and Yasir Hussain is 36 there is a big difference in ages 13 years difference of Age but they both happy and Satisfy. Iqra Aziz currently working on the major and successful drama Khuda Aur Mohabbat season 3.

Yasir Hussain also a Film Star he almost done the heavy success movie Lahore Se aagy with Saba Qamar Yasir also host a show tonight with Yasir Hussain on Hum Tv Network His famous Drama Payaas soon on-air working with legend star Minal Khan.

Iqra playing a decent role in her Drama Khuda Aur Mohabbat with Feroz Khan and Junaid Khan. it is the highest project in the Pakistani Dramas Industry. She is a versatile and Stunning actress. Feroz Khan and Iqra Aziz are the main cast of this Drama.

Iqra Aziz also loves to travel and enjoy with her husband. Iqra shares Some New Clicks with her lovely Husband Yasir Hussain. both are good actors as well as good Husband Wives. last week They were at the party of Hania Amir Birthday.

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