Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan New Clicks with Fashion Designer Maria B

Ayeza Khan’s photoshoot for popular dress brand Maria B is turning into a web sensation via online media in which it tends to be seen she is attempting to duplicate Indian entertainer Kareena Kapoor. Individuals say that Pakistani entertainers look preferred in their own personality over duplicating somebody. So how about we investigate some lovely pictures from their new photoshoot.

She has done numerous photo shoots and has strolled on the slope of numerous mainstream design shows as a team with her better half Danish Taimoor. Danish is likewise an effective entertainer of Pakistan and they got hitched in August of 2014. They became guardians of a flawless girl Horrain Taimoor on thirteenth July 2015.

Maria B is a famous and outstanding fashion designer in Pakistan. Maria B is also a very active Celebrity on social media. She Invited Ayeza Khan to turkey for their new shoot of the new collection.

Ayeza Khan Shares the new pictures with Maria B and other models who do the shoot with Ayeza Khan. She is the wondering actress Ayeza now days only focuses on shoots of different brands.

She is one of those entertainers who has consistently gotten a positive and hopeful response from the crowd in view of her fairness and qualities. She doesn’t have a place with a masterful foundation so whatever she has accomplished today is her tirelessness and commitment to her work.

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