Nida Yasir 47th Birthday Gifts by Showbiz Friends

Nida Yasir commends each day with extraordinary satisfaction. It tends to be found in the photos that Bushra Ansari, Yasir Hussain, Iqra Aziz, Nadia Hussain, Faisal Qureshi, and different big names likewise went to the birthday celebration. While a few people see this image and say that in the upcoming morning show, it will likewise cut its own cake before the entire world.

They additionally stroll entrances as a team for various originators of Pakistan and show up as visitors in various shows. Nida’s sister Sawera Pasha and her brother by marriage Danish Nawaz are likewise working in showbiz as entertainers. Nida is a gifted entertainer and she has acted in numerous effective television serials, for example, ‘Jannat’ and ‘Ahista’ of Murmur television.

Nida Yasir celebrate her 47th birthday with their showbiz Friends. Nida almost invite every showbiz star in her birthday event. Nida Yasir also received the expensive gifts from friends she open it and share with fans.

She has a place with an Islamic family from Karachi and still has a place with Karachi. She wedded in 2002 with another notable maker Yasir Nawaz. She began her vocation as an entertainer, model, and host. She has two sisters and one sibling. She favored with 3 children.

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