Nida Yasir and Fatima Effendi is the famous and Well-known celebrity of Pakistan Showbiz Industry. fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arslan the best couple of Showbiz Industry. Nida and Yasir Nawaz Invited Fatima Effendi on breakfast party with Family.

Nida Yasir started her career as a producer with her father, as early she joined the industry when her father was a very prominent producer of Pakistani Industry. After that, she started works as a model too. And she started her drama debut with drama serial Kaisi Hain Dooriyan (2006).

Fatima has played various roles on screen including positive, romantic, glamorous, negative, comic and serious ones. She has also acted in some telefilms including ‘Dulha Bhai’, ‘Chal Jhooti’, ‘Pappu Ki Paroson’ and ‘Raju Chacha Ban Gaey Gentleman’ of Hum TV, ‘Kattwi Chatt’ of ARY Digital, ‘Shaadi Ka Ladoo.

Fatima Effendi is considered as one of the talented actresses who can easily play any role. Everyone becomes her fan after watching her brilliant performance. But she is rarely seen acting these days. Maybe she is not signing any new projects due to any private engagements.

Nida Yasir fame started from her show Good Morning Pakistan for last 6 years, in early she faced many controversies related to her show but due to her hard work she becomes famous and well-known, her show not telecasted in Pakistan but as well in the UK, Canada too.