Rabab Hashim Wedding pictures viral on Social Media

She is looking astounding at her Nikkah Organization in a standard wedding look. Rabab Hashim got hitched to Shoaib Ali, her significant other doesn’t have a spot with the showbiz business.

The photographs from the Nikkah occasion were shared just about 7 days after the limit through electronic media. As per our source, the Nikkah organization was held tight November 21, in Karachi.

Rabab Hashim is a Decent and Capable entertainer of Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Rabab Hashim go on the area for extraordinary wedding shoot of Nikkah Day.

Rubab Hashim takes after a princess performer and Model of Pakistan Showbiz Industry. She is at 27 and still single. Rubab Basically working in some minor and intriguing story show. She is proceeded onward from Association of Business The board.

Rubab Hashim working with Junaid Khan the most standard and hit show of Rubab Khan is Kamzarf which was legitimately on air on Geo Redirection. Nida Khan and Ali Ansari moreover working in this endeavor. She was accepted an especially guiltless piece of Junaid Khan mate.

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